For the sake of our children who will inhabit this earth in the future.

Always bearing this in mind, we think about what we can do now and what we can transmit to our children.

Products and services that make us happy enrich our life.

At the same time, if we can live together happily with all nature and animals, does the Earth could be a place more wonderful in the future?

At the beginning of the 21st century, global warming, resources shortage and food shortages caused by population growth have become our biggest concerns for the near future.

We do not want to pass on these burdens to our children who will be the adults of tomorrow, do we?

Is there anything we can reuse instead of throwing it away? What are things going to be like if we decide to reprocess them?

Can we use raw materials and components to create something else that makes people happy?

Can we produce things and distribute them in an environmentally friendly way?

What do products and services can make people’s lives better?

We will continue to make better services and products under the themes of beauty, health, the environment, and the relationships with people.

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