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Terms and Conditions(for Customers Making Purchases)

The ElieoZen gift card (hereinafter, “the voucher”) is a voucher issued by ElieoZen (herein-after, “the store”) that can be exchanged for services. Customers are kindly requested to read the following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”) before pur-chasing the voucher. By purchasing the voucher an agreement with these Terms and Condi-tions is implied.

Article 1 – Purpose and Service Content of the voucher

  1. 1. In exchange for the voucher, the customer can receive the services specified by the store as valid for this exchange.
  2. The use of the voucher by the customer is subject to the following conditions
    (1) The voucher is valid for 6 months following the date of issue. The expiration date of the voucher will be displayed on the voucher.
    (2) The voucher can only be used at the store.
    (3) Services provided in exchange for the voucher shall only be the services prior de-termined by the stores as valid for voucher exchange. Selecting and/or altering the contents of these services is at the sole discretion of this store.
    (4) To use the voucher, it is requested to make a reservation in advance with the store by phone or email.
    (5) The voucher cannot be reissued, altered, or converted into cash.
    (6)If the customer cancels a reservation or does not show up without prior notification of cancellation to the store, the customer may be charged a cancellation fee.
    The store’s Cancellation Policy states:
    Please cancel by 24:00 on the day before the reservation date. Please note that all vouchers will be voided if cancellation occurs on the same day as the reservation or if the customer does not notify the store about his absence.
    (9)(6) If the customer is unable to present the voucher, the included services cannot be provided
    (10)(7) The store takes no responsibility for any damage caused by the customer’s inability to use the voucher.
    (11)The store takes no responsibility for theft of or damage to the voucher.

Article 2 – Conclusion of Contract

  1. A customer’s purchase order for the voucher will imply the application for a contract to purchase the voucher. After receiving the purchase order, a sales contract will be es-tablished when an email is sent from the store to the customer to confirm that the order has been received and to describe the details of this order.
  2. After the sales contract for the voucher has be concluded, the store will not return, ex-change, refund or alter the contents of the voucher except for cases of intentional or gross negligence on the part of the store.

Article 3 – Issuing the voucher

  1. If the store determines that delivery is not possible on the desired delivery date speci-fied by the customer, the store shall ship the voucher to the address specified by the customer within 10 days of the sales contract’s conclusion.
  2. The address designated by the customer is limited to Japan. The customer cannot speci-fy any other country or region as delivery destination.
  3. While the customer may specify a desired delivery date and time, the store shall not be liable for any damage caused by delays of the voucher’s arrival. No refunds will be given in such cases.
  4. If the address linked to the postal code differs from the address entered by the custom-er, the address entered by the customer will be the address used for shipping.
  5. If the store is unable to deliver the voucher (aside from cases of intentional or gross negligence), the customer shall be notified, and the price of the voucher will be refund-ed. This will release the store from its obligation to ship the voucher.

Article 4 – Disclaimers, Etc.

  1. If violating these Terms and Conditions causes the customer damage, the store will not be responsible for the damages.
  2. If the customer causes damage to a third party through use of the voucher service, this will be solely at the customer’s own risk and expense, with the store assuming no re-sponsibility for any damages.
  3. The customer is responsible for all associated costs incurred when using the voucher service such as telephone or communication charges.

Article 5 – Handling of Personal Information

In the following cases, the store may provide personal information obtained from customers through the use of this service to third parties such as business partners.
(1) With expressed consent of the customer.
(2) When necessary for the purpose of using the voucher service.
(3) When there is a disclosure request from the police, public prosecutor, court, bar as-sociation, or any similar authority connected to a criminal investigation, etc.
(4) When necessary for the protection of life, body, or property.

Article 6 – Prohibited Items

  1. The customer may not use the voucher for any purpose other than that specified in Arti-cle 1 or for any purpose that deviates from the service content of the voucher.
  2. If the store has concerns that the customer will use this product for other purposes, the store may refuse to conclude the sales contract stipulated in Article 2 or can cancel the concluded sales contract without any further notice.
  3. If the customer commits an act that violates these Terms and Conditions, the store can refuse to conclude the sales contract stipulated in Article 2 or can cancel the concluded sales the concluded sales contract without notice.

Article 7 – Liability, Etc.

  1. If the customer causes damages to the store by violating these Terms and Conditions, the customer is responsible for compensation of these damages.
  2. If the customer causes damages to a third party by violating these Terms and Conditions and the store compensates these damages, the customer shall indemnify the store in full for these damages.

Article 8 – Legal Jurisdiction

Japanese law has full jurisdiction over the establishment, effect, performance, and interpre-tation of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 9 – Court of Jurisdiction

Either the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance for any dispute between the customer and the store regarding these Terms and Conditions.

Article 10 – Negotiations in Good Faith

If any matter not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions arises or if there are doubts re-garding interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, the customer and the store shall dis-cuss the issues and resolve them in good faith.

Article 11 – Alterations or Updates to these Terms and Conditions

The store may alter or update these Terms and Conditions without notice. If changes are made to these Terms and Conditions after a customer has completed the ordering procedure for the voucher, the Terms and Conditions at the time when the ordering procedure was completed shall apply.

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